Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Plaintiff Awarded $2.4 Million For Chronic Low Back Condition Caused by a Car Crash

In Bouchard v. Brown Bros. Motor Lease, 2011 BCSC 762, the Plaintiff, Maurice Bouchard, suffered a low back injury and chronic pain syndrome due to a motor vehicle accident and he was awarded over $2.4 Million dollars as follows:

Pain and Suffering              $160,000
Past Income Loss               $264,000
Future Earning Capacity     $1,500,000
Cost of Future Care            $475,000
Out of Pocket Expenses     $36,235.51

Total                                    $2,435,235.51

The award was reduced by 40% to account for the chance that the Plaintiff's degenerative spine condition would have degenerated on its own regardless of the accident occurring.

The Plaintiff was 31 years old the time of trial and was limited to working in only part time sedentary jobs due to his injuries.  The trial Judge's full reasons can be viewed at the link provided above.

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